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Forthcoming tournaments

National Pairs, 26-27 Apr 2014: West Lodge, Downing College, Cambridge.

Jubilee Trophy and Golden Squidger (ETwA Singles and Pairs challenge trophies, respectively). Details and results are available from this link.

Confirmation and further details of these events will be sent to members of the ETwA mailing list, or you may contact ETwA directly using the E-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Advance Notice: The CUTwC Diamond Jubilee tournament will be on 17-18 January 2015. A formal dinner will take place on the Saturday evening in Selwyn College, Cambridge.

Recent results

National Handicapped Individual Pairs: 9 Mar 2014: won by Bob Wilkinson.
Cambridge Open, 1-2 Feb 2014: won by Patrick Barrie.
Teams of Four, 23-24 Nov 2013: won by Alan Dean, Andrew Garrard, Charles Relle & Geoff Thorpe.
NATwA Pairs, 10 Nov 2013: won by Patrick Driscoll & Larry Kahn.
NATwA Singles, 9 Nov 2013: won by Larry Kahn.
National Singles, 26-27 Oct 2013: won by Patrick Barrie.
World Pairs 41, 25 Oct 2013: Andy Purvis & Matthew Rose beat Matt Fayers & Larry Kahn 25.5-23.5. Game scores were 3,2,6,1.5,3,4,6.
World Singles 67, 24 Oct 2013: Patrick Barrie beat Larry Kahn 26-23. Games scores were 1*,3,7*,4,2,3,6*.
London Open, 7 Sep 2013: won by Patrick Barrie & Alan Harper.
Varsity Match, 4 May 2013: CUTwC beat OUTS by 106-6.
National Pairs, 27-28 Apr 2013: won by Alan Harper & Matthew Rose.
World Pairs 40, 26 Apr 2013: won by Matt Fayers & Larry Kahn, defeating Alan Dean & Charles Relle 29-13. Game scores were 4, 5, 4, 4, 7*, 5.
American Individual Pairs, 7 Apr 2013: won by Dave Lockwood.
Cambridge Open, 26-27 Jan 2013: won by Patrick Barrie.

A summary of tournament results in previous years is available here.

Winners of major tournaments

Click here for a full list of winners of major tiddlywinks tournaments (including world championships).

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