Tiddlywinks Equipment

ETwA has a range of officially approved tiddlywinks equipment for sale.

Contact Stew Sage, the treasurer of ETwA, via e-mail to "info" at domain name "@etwa.org" for further information.

The following gives ETwA's current prices:

Note that most tournaments are played on mats made of natural felt rather than synthetic material, but these are considerably more expensive. A suitable tournament-grade material is available from British Felt - as of October 2020 this was listed as £68.41 per metre, which would provide a mat slightly shorter than the 6' official length, but with a little excess width. Most tournament tables are slightly under-sized anyway, so such a mat would be usable.

Annual membership of ETwA costs:

Members pay reduced entry fees for tournaments, receive printed copies of the official magazine Winking World, and get the privilege of voting on rules changes to the game.

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